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 The Horsecall system was born in Japan in 2016 and has already been adopted among Japanese leading racing stables as well as breeding farms. Horsecall has been  contributing to the training not only of  famous G1 winning racehorses but also of young upcoming horses.
  The greatest feature of the system is the real-time exercise monitoring function from anywhere in the world. Traveling speed, horse location, heart rate and heartbeat interval data are accumulated into the database on the Internet in real time.  You can immediately check advanced analysis results such as track time,acceleration profile, intensity of exercise, recovery from fatigue, and activation status of autonomic nerves via smart phones, tablets and PCs.  All data is stored automatically, no need to upload exercise data manually.
  Horscall data comparison function can provide quick comparison among training data with each other.  The Horsecall system is the cloud-based analysis database therefore clients can always use the latest analysis function. Also its analytical system based on deep mechanical learning system (AI) and its system keep improving its analysis functions.
  There are similar system already exists, however, Horsecall provides in depth analytical monthly report and it can be customized to the clients needs.  Not only average of stable monthly performance but also by horse progress analysis to monitor condition of each parameter.  Report format can be customized upon request such as  monthly report to the horse owner.
  Horsecall has the most advanced analysis functions, but quite simple to operate. Since the electrode is built in the girth cover, just attach the cover to the girth. Then, start tapping with Horsecall Training application when start exercise.
  The Horsecall system has a unique option to link with SmartEyewear.  Since heart rate and Furlong time converted speed are displayed inside the right eye glass, jockey can accurately monitor the travelling speed. Even at new or overseas race track, you can reliably maintain your travelling pace same as home track. 


State-of-the-art analysis system composed of sensors and ICT 

"Horsecall" consists of high performance heart rate sensor, GPS, girth cover type low impedance built-in electrode, data link smartphone and SmartEyewear (option).
Exercise data is automatically uploaded on the internet cloud server in real time via smartphone.
If you have an Internet access, you can check the training situation in real time via smartphone, PC or Tablet from anywhere in the world.
Collected data is analyzed instantaneously and lists cardio conditions, recovery from exercise fatigue and other training intensity index.
Progress of training can be reviewed easily through data comparison function, which provides key exercise index as well as track time (1-5F from goal point).
Burden and fatigue from the exercise can easily reviewed with Burden & Recovery chart.
Horsecall visualize racehorse active condition with state-of-the-art analysis technology.

Sensing Technology

Horsecall adopts high spec heart rate sensor. Specially developed girth cover built-in electrode (patent pending) can provide accurate heart rate data. It enables stable heart rate measurement even when a racehorse travels at speeds approaching 70 km / h.

Smart Eyewear

Smart Eyewear is a sytem displaying heart raete and/or speed converted into fulong time. It links to the smart phone. A jockey can easily monitor real-time speed or heart rate during training.  Such real-time display system can help unique interval training or maintaining specific speed during canter or gallop exercise.

App & Web analysis system

Analysis system is the core of Horsecall. The racehorse exercise data collected through the system is automatically stored on the cloud server in real-time via the smartphone. Cutting-edge analysis technology instantly display training performance such as cardiopulmonary performance, recovery of horse body, fatigue intensity of the racehorse. It is a state-of-the-art training support system. Horsecall system has already been adopted among leading Japanese racing stable and has contributed to the victory at the international G1 races.  Now Horsecall is expanding into international racehorse industry such as Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries.



Function of Horsecall


From anywhere in the world

Horsecall is a real-time system.  Collected data is automatically uploaded to the cloud server on the internet via smart phone.  No manual upload is required.  What is happening on the track can be reviewed through smart phone, tablet or PC in real-time.
Further more, you can even monitor training data from anywhere in the world.

Just start Horsecall app.

In Horsecall, when a jockey selects a training horse and start Horsecall application, data such as heartbeat, speed, position information and so on are automatically saved on the cloud server. It is an easy operation just to start and finish the application at the start and end of training. Even in case of transmition error or disconnection during training, training data is automatically saved on the smartphone and uploaded after finishing training.

Analytical function
Training performance in one window

As soon as training is completed, the heart rate, speed, acceleration, and position data are to be analyzed by advanced analysis server, and the training performrance such as level of exercise burden, fatigue , cardiopulmonary burden, etc. is immediately displayed. Analysis results can be checked from anywhere in the world if you can connect to the Internet on your own smartphone, PC or tablet terminal. In the advanced version (Meister version), more advanced analysis functions such as comparison function for each horse and training and analysis of acceleration profile responding to the track condition are built in.

Treadmill Analysis
State-of-the-art Treadmill Performance analysis function

The treadmill is increasingly used for assisting track training.  In Australia, Europe or other countries, treadmill applications for physical fitness analysis are expected to become popular.  As the burden on the legs is lighter and training load can be controlled properly,  the treadmill training makes it  possible to use physical fitness analysis. Now high spec. racehorse performance analysis function is available.

Goal is not data but how to summarize and evaluate

In the Meister version of Horsecall, Montly report of training data is provided. Data summary for each horse is provided with important paramter such as training time, cardiopulmonary performance parameter, horse physical recovery paramter and so on.  It also supports more advanced data analysis upon request to review seasonal exercise burden review or individual training progress.  Customized database for exclusive stable can be developed.

Flexible system configuration ensure high extensibility

Horsecall allows flexible system configuration such as simultaneous measurement of one to many units, group management by stables. Flexible system configuration can respond to the needs of stables such as addition of glass terminal and correspondence to individual report (Master version).



Evaluate exercise burden
how to visualize burden

By analyzing the heartbeat interval over time from post-exercise point, you can grasp the level of exercise burden. Heart Beat Interval data (RRI) is analyzed in the database and evaluation of burden level is displayed.  It is also displayed as a graph against the standard recovery line.

Horse Performance analysis
by Treadmill

In the Horsecall system, newly developed performance analysis mode (trial mode) is released.  It is for use of the treadmill to measure the ability and physical strength of the horse.  Set the treadmill program for testing and measure it, the heart rate recovery, THR 100 (time to recover to HBR100), analyze the margin of the horse's ability.  It is effective for checking the fatigue recovery, performance check before race.  

Autonomic analysis
Understanding mental condition

Horsecall analyzes the autonomic nervous activity (sympathetic and parasympathetic activity) of the racehorse based on the heart rate variability analysis.  Concentrations and distractions of horses under training can be reviewed easily.

Track time and acceleration
Evaluate track & horse condition

Even Furlong track time is same, acceleration of the horse differs from horse to horse. Horsecall provides track time in furlong time basis and acceleration profile simultaneously. By comparing data to data adaptability to track condition can be observed and also horse condition can also be evaluated (built into the Meister version)

Real-time display 
Goggle type display(optional)

Real time speed converted into furlong time and heart beat rate can be displayed on the small display built into goggle type monitor. You can monitor speed & heart beat rate on the back of the horse.

Condition Report & Data Comparison

Advanced analysis report will be provided monthly basis.  Thousands of daily training data can be accumulated but the most difficult thing is to analyse data. No need to spend time to analyse data.  Horsecall provides most comprehensive analysis service.  Also for the on site quick review, data comparison function will provide quick comparison review by horse or by training type.  Upto 5 data can be compared right away.


Voice Speed Notification (Furlong time conversion)

You can hear real time speed through Bluetooth earphone. Horsecall system can notify speed by voice.  During training riders can get exact speed information through earphone.  Download app. and link your bluetooth earphone and just it.
(Horsecall voice notification version up will be in May and release information can get by registring information supply list page)

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