Exercise Burden&Fatigue recovery

Burden & Fatigue recovery

How to monitor appropriate exercise burden and recovery

The Horsecall system has the function of analyzing recovery from exercise load and horse fatigue based on heart rate interval (RRI) analysis data. More than 30,000 training data were applied to evaluate statistical profiles.
Every time the training is over, the level of exercise load and the progress of fatigue recovery are analyzed and displayed. In addition, the Burden & Fatigue chart provides a graphical comparison with standard curves. Trainers and riders can easily assess the burden & fatigue level. When the exercise load is heavier than the standard, it is displayed under the standard curve, and when it is light or horses potential, it is displayed on the standard curve.
Horsecall analyzes such statistical analysis and provides a unique algorithm for assessment of burden or fatigue analysis based on horse exercise or age type.
Data analysis is based on unique artificial brain statistical analysis process and continuously updated and improving its performance.
Besides on site analysis feed back, Horsecall can provide a summary report by exercise types, stables, horses, or workout out-out easy-canter hill. Treadmill analysis is provided separately.

How to monitor the cardiopulmonary condition & physical recovery progress.

Provides 10 step evaluation of horse condition upon finishing exercise

In the Horsecall system, as soon as training is finished, evaluation of conditions such as cardiopulmonary and body recovery, fatigue level, and evaluation of recovery progress are displayed.
In the standard setting of this 10-step evaluation, deviation value of each measured value is calculated based on enormous training database and it is displayed as ranking of 10 steps.
The racehorse is in excellent condition if it has the ability to absorve the cardiopulmonary burden, the recovery ability of the horse is high, the level of fatigue is light, and the recovery progress is good.
Evaluation of racehorse condition is based on the sharpness of the return curve of the heart beat from the peak speed, the lower limit of decrease value of the heart beat after post-exercise. Based on Horsecall database, deviation of each parameter is analyzed and 10 step ranking is displayed. By reviewing over time of each horse data, training progress of the horse can be grasped, such as training effect and strengthening of physical strength. Also over-trainng or carry over fatigue can be recognized.