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Horsecall System for international customers 

(For outside Japan.  仕様が異なる為、海外用Horsecallは、国内サポート対象外です)

Horsecall System is now available outside Japan.  Through this ordering form, you can get Horsecall system directly delivered from Japan via FEDEX or DHL.
Final quotation including shipment charge will be issued and sent by return.
Please note followings to use Horsecall System:
1.Price is excluding local VAT. 
2.To use Horsecall system, you need iPhone 6/6s/SE ore more.  iPhone 7 is recommended due to higher GPS chip and Bluetooth performance.
(3G/LTE data communication is required)
3.If use iPhone, it is highly recommended not to receive phone call or SNS during measurement.  (such receipt may interrupt Horsecall App. because it upload data into Cloud database server real-time basis)
4.Delivery will take 2-3 day (priority service) or 4-5 days (regular service) upon payment of the cost of goods.  Payment to be through Credit Card (VISA/MASTER) and payment structure will be sent after confirmation of order.
5.Horsecall is only lisenced to the end user only who use system for horse condition analysis.  This system is not allowed to use for the veterniary medical purpose.
6.Any one who wish to be reseller partner of Horsecall system, should contact Anicall Corporation via Horseall WEB inquiry page.
Price indication based on exchange on Jan10th 2018.  It might be changed without any prior notice in case sudden fluctuation in the exchage rate.