Analysis Report & Data Comparison

Anlysis report and data comparison

In depth monthly report & on site data comparison upto 5 data.

Advanced analysis report will be provided monthly basis.  Thousands of daily training data can be accumulated but the most difficult thing is to analyse data. No need to spend time to analyse data.  Horsecall provides most comprehensive analysis service.  By stable, by horse, by month, by week or by age etc.
The most advanced Horsecall analysis database respond all your needs.  Tracking performance or condition by week with specific horse and compare to the average of the stable or same age horse, it is easy. 
By reviewing overall stable data, trend or comparison to the Horsecall standad can be reviewed.  Seasonal trend or monthly, weekly progress can be monitored.
Also by horse analysis will provide key progress benchmark with horses. Comparison to the average data (by age) will indicate current condition or can monitor outcome from training plan.
 Analysis report will be provided monthly basis and customized formant can be arranged.
Horsecall also has a data comparison function. (English Pro version) Up to 5 training data comparison can be displayed easily. By selecting horse name, type of training and training ID, training condition and parameters are displayed. Those parameter includes important exercise index such as maximum heart beat rate, maximum speed, burden/fatigue recovery, heart rate decrease limit after post-exercise as well as furlong time.
For example, by comparing past work-out data of the same horse or comparing amoung different horses, it is possible to review the transition of the training results over time.
Data comparison can be done at any time anywhere as long as the smartphone, PC or tablet devices are connected to the Internet. Meanwhile, the average of each parameter in the whole stables can be reported monthly basis. Monthly report will be issued in standard format at the initial stage, then it can be customized upon request.
By data comparison, trends of horse condition can be easily checked on site. Especially when trainers feels something uncomfortable based on his experience, such data comparison can provide alternative checking tool to support trainers judgement.