Speed Audio Notification System

You can hear real time speed in Furlong time

Real Time Speed audio notification by Horsecall (Coming Soon! in May)


The Horsecall Training App. newly equipped with the function to notify the real time speed by voice during the training through the Bluetooth earphone. Start training and furlong time conerted speed will be notified when the speed becomes less than 20 seconds in furlong time conversion. In the free version, you can use the Horsecall Training application by downloading the application and registering it for free (iPhone and Bluetooth earphone must be prepared separately) In the free version, map display of locus after starting training and speed transition chart is displayed. The section time is also displayed (free winning post location registration)
Paid version (USD9 per month), speed data of the past seven days is saved and can be referenced each other.  Pro version  and Meister Version users can use the audio linkage function without additional cost. In case of using Speed Audio Notification system in stables unit, it will be charged at number of units x USD9 (excluding tax / monthly).
Horsecall is expanding voice notification function and developing voice notification function of horse condition during training. By notifying the Horsecall analytical information while riding a horse, the rider can grasp the condition of the horse in real time.  Development information will be supplied to those who register notification list. (Those who wish to register information supply list, please go to the registraion page from the link below)